Sunday Short: The Room without Tommy Wiseau

When asked about income inequality in the United States Mitt Romney called critics of the rising wealth gap “envious” and that any decisions about the issues should be made in “quiet room” What’s surprising is not that Romney blundered into saying decisions should be made in quiet rooms but that he only did it once. Romney has complete faith in his abilities and the people he recognizes as peers. Everyone else: Obama, his GOP competitors, the American public are suspect. Pulling them into the discussion would only make them emotional, much better to solve their problems without their help or knowledge if the case may be.

All frontrunners suffer from coronation disease where the team is up 30 points with 3 minutes left on the clock and you just have to waste time till victory is yours but Romney is a special case. He expected this win from college and has been getting antsy since. Mormonism and his father has gave Romney the confidence to do anything and the few setbacks he’s dealt with from the car crash in France to his defeat in the 2008 race has not shaken his deep belief in himself. Unfortunately, the confidence means Romney has entered politics with no fixed or established beliefs in governance besides that he has the ability to solve any problems. He can promise anything, demand everything, and understand nothing about people because when the time comes to make the decision Romney knows he’ll make the right decision. A confident leader would make a great selling point but the story Romney could relate to it would not. While George W. Bush’s “decider” persona came from his belief in god and Teddy Roosevelt had his endless energy to drive his leadership, Romney can neither point to his disliked religion nor the “daddy-told-me-so” background.

So what do we got? A rich dude who think he can cure what ails America- if they weren’t just so stupid to vote against him. And a guy like that can awaken anyone’s inner-populist supporter of democracy.

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