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I Probably Should Relate Mad Men to This, But I’ve Never Watch the Show

I’m going to be reviewing a bunch of campaign books and such on the overcoming weeks to get a better perspective on presidential politics. Enjoy! Or not! In Back to the Future, the 1950s Doc Brown quickly comes to terms … Continue reading

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Red Plenty

With the recent publishing of The Lifespan of a Fact and Mike Daisey fiasco, American is facing the start of a national debate about the value of facts against fiction. What counts as a lie? What is non-fiction? How creative … Continue reading

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3rd Act Problems Theater

My two most recent visitations (The court orders say I can show up as long as I don’t start any riots.) to movie theaters have been quite enjoyable and I would recommend 21 Jump Street and The Cabin in the … Continue reading

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A Field Guide to the Mitt Romney Job Interview

Watching Mitt Romney finally sewing up this pathetically long primary season has made many pundits comment on how terrible a politician Mitt Romney is. This is rather unfair to Romney considering that the political primary might be the only place … Continue reading

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Nick Markakis

Nick Markakis is the right fielder of the Baltimore Orioles and the very soul of baseball (with all apologies to Joe Posnanski and the late Buck O’Neil). He’s nothing too special as a player though he’s above replacement level and … Continue reading

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