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Sunday Short: The Room without Tommy Wiseau

When asked about income inequality in the United States Mitt Romney called critics of the rising wealth gap “envious” and that any decisions about the issues should be made in “quiet room” What’s surprising is not that Romney blundered into … Continue reading

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Hard Eight (1996)

I’m going to review all of P.T. Anderson’s oeuvre over the upcoming weeks. SPOILERS One of the many gifts film can give us in a view in a new world. Not just the lives of dragons and aliens but also … Continue reading

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Eisenhower: The White House Years (2011) by Jim Newton

Dwight Eisenhower president during the most nostalgically beloved decade has found his own affectionate place among those who dream of a time where moderates worked together while leaving those awkward extremists off their social calendars. Just look at the list … Continue reading

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Can Santorum afford to lose Michigan?

Mitt Romney has returned to his state of birth to find that 40 years tend to change a place. The trees are more even, the cars are coming off the assembly line again, and George Romney is a distant memory. … Continue reading

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HA! The School Color is Brown!

Accepted (2006) appeared on Comedy Central this morning. I’m sure that means nothing to you but really it has completed a journey that deserves to be noticed. The movie is so lazy that how it found the energy to get … Continue reading

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Super- The Best Defense for Organized Religion Ever

SPOILERS and such. PLEASE watch the film before reading this. What if some guy dressed up a super hero and tried to fight crime in the real world? If you ask Matthew Vaughn, you get weird pedophilia subtext. However James … Continue reading

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A Field Guide to Problem Solvers on the Internet

So you have a problem! Don’t worry though, since the invention of the internet there’s millions of people waiting to say homophobic, illogical, and vaguely anti-Semitic things on your favorite bicycle message board while asking to see pictures of naked … Continue reading

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