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A Field Guide to the Mitt Romney Job Interview

Watching Mitt Romney finally sewing up this pathetically long primary season has made many pundits comment on how terrible a politician Mitt Romney is. This is rather unfair to Romney considering that the political primary might be the only place … Continue reading

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A Field Guide to Problem Solvers on the Internet

So you have a problem! Don’t worry though, since the invention of the internet there’s millions of people waiting to say homophobic, illogical, and vaguely anti-Semitic things on your favorite bicycle message board while asking to see pictures of naked … Continue reading

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Why for One Brief Shining Moment, Superman Returns was Worth Watching

For reasons too stupid to go into detail, I have rewatched Superman Returns (2006). I will give this to Superman Returns– usually a movie like this is too bland to even remember. For example, all I can say about 10000 … Continue reading

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Battlestar Galactica explains the Great Recession

Dear Professional and Academic Political Bloggers, First, I just want to open up by thanking you for your work. You have a lot to be proud of as you guys and gals are so often intelligent, articulate, and wise analysts … Continue reading

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