Sportswriters Continued

Sportswriters alongside Evangelical preachers and Republican politicians are the last great moralizers in the United States. Any given game can be turned into a passion play where the virtues of teamwork, humility, and toughness wins over the forces of selfishness, egotism, and flash (and its infamous brother sizzle!). Of course, talent and luck have only a tenuous relationship with virtue but that has never stopped a sportswriter from finding a pattern. So whenever a human being makes a decision based on financial concerns, the writers are ready to pull out their knives.

Albert Pujols, one day 1st round Hall of Famer, has decided to take a larger offer from Anaheim than what he received from St. Louis. This decision sends Pujols to the 9th circle of Hell where he can socialize with the other famous traitors Judas Iscariot, Marcus Brutus, and Walter O’Malley. As any decent-minded sportswriter would tell you.

Post-Dispatch sports editor Bernie Miklasz’s editorial has all the classic elements of a lover scorned article: a psychic connection player where Bernie can divine what the player is feeling, evidence that the player was always a bad person, he sucked anyway- that one could assumed there’s a standardize form handed among sportswriters when a great player leaves town.

And what has Pujols done to St. Louis besides deliver world titles? He betrayed his duty to St. Louis. Now, when the St. Louis Post-Dispatch fires people en masse, someone that directly affects members of the community by removing their paycheck, the Sports section has no comment. Why would they? It’s not a sports story. Neither is Albert Pujols duty to a larger community. That’s social commentary. And while sportswriters might be experts on sports strategy and getting a good quote from management; in general their area of expertise is not the affairs of man. But hey, at least they got their villain.

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