Tim Tebow

What I love about sports is the complete lack of cliché. There is no author voice. No one who makes the underdog win or make some point about morality or society. If your team wins, it’s about luck and skill, that’s it.  From that standpoint, my natural enemy is the sportswriter. Who tries to inject clichés into my perfect nihilism. Those with two-hour deadlines, nothing new to say, and have only the old saw of the 1,000 gin-drinking, chain-smoking, followers of DiMaggio that came before him. “He just knows how to win,” “they’re not focusing enough,” “he’s not a team player.” Stuff probably invented by Aztecs to describe troublesome Tlachtli  players, now repeated for the pleasure of TV audiences. Their coverage of Tim Tebow brings out the worst in them and shows why the media is a nasty beast.

The media wishes the problem is Tebow’s Christianity. The zealous young man is supposedly disgusting the bicoastal élites while they’re not too buys trying to destroy Christmas.  This is simply bunk. Think of how many athletes point to the sky after a home run or touchdown without boo. Any charitable athlete is lauded for giving back to charity, when the public hears about it. Christianity is a fact of life in sports. The backlash is the same of all sports backlash and the reason the media doesn’t understand is because if they did, they would have to admit they’re the problem. It’s about the hype.

Tim Tebow has not accomplished much in the NFL. He’s on a team that’s been winning more in spite of his play than because of it, though he has had some nice games. So has Joe Flacco. So has a dozen or journeymen QBs no one talk about because no one cares. But the media decided through the marketplace of the airwaves that Tim Tebow has a hook, a narrative that every fan MUST care even though only a percentage will. This was bound to cause backlash. The misfortune it’s against the paintbrush and not the artist. Tebow is just a method for the media to annoy the public by over-praising a mediocre quarterback and when the backlash to continue the conversation about the why public now seems to hate Tebow.

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