Battlestar Galactica explains the Great Recession

Dear Professional and Academic Political Bloggers,

First, I just want to open up by thanking you for your work. You have a lot to be proud of as you guys and gals are so often intelligent, articulate, and wise analysts of world events worthy of my brown-nosing. But of course, you are also human beings with various different interests including movies, TV., books, etc. Don’t get me wrong, it’s your blog, you’re perfectly entitled to write about movies you enjoyed or hated. May I humbly suggest, however, you do not try to combine your scholarly interest with your entertainment interests?

Fiction is well recognize as a reflection of the human conditions and it can tells us a lot about experiences and institutions like war, government, love, and all the big stuff It makes sense to show how the synthesis of fiction and reality can explain a situation. But this does not mean any piece of popular fiction help underline some point you’re trying to make. Harry Potter shouldn’t be used to explain why supply-side economics doesn’t work. It’s HARRY POTTER! It’s about people with magical abilities hanging out with unicorns, goblins, and shit. Trying to explain tax policy through this will certainly be incoherent. When you analyze a fictional work for some political statement you want to write about, you rarely can explain what makes the fictional work entertaining, though-provoking, or enthralling and the political statement you’ll find will be entirely too vague to be helpful (Lord of the Rings shows insurgencies work best in secret.)

Now, I don’t expect you to take my advice to heart but maybe you can take a second after watching the next episode of A Game of Thrones and ask yourself if you’re reading too much into its explanation of total war theory.


Bryan Becker

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